Wide Instant Reach with Magazine advertising

If time is money, you save a lot of it when you make your publication available in a digital format. It takes time to print and distribute a paper publication and this time is saved when you provide a digital publication as the distribution is done instantly over the internet. Digital publications also overcome the geographical barriers that paper publications have to contend with. At the touch of a button, you can make your publication available to subscribers all over the world.

Greater quality
With a print publication, you are limited to using only images and written content. A digital publication has both of these and, in addition, could incorporate videos and slides. The user experience is therefore enhanced when you provide a digital publication.

Good for advertisers
With a print publication, there is no precise way of telling who exactly it reaches. The person who runs an ad in such a publication cannot be sure that the ad reached the targeted audience. With a digital publication, the advertiser knows with exact precision the number of people that clicked on an ad.

With so much going for digital publications, there is no reason why your magazine should not be available in this format.