Why your magazine should go Ditital

Making magazines, newspapers, catalogs and other publications available in digital format has distinct advantages and there is a reason why even the oldest magazines have made the move to make their publications available in both paper and digital forms. When publications went digital initially, some people predicted that the paper versions were on their way out. While digital publications dealt a blow on the paper versions, it was not fatal and today it is safe to say that the two versions actually play a complementary role.
What are the advantages of making a publication available in digital form?

Good for the environment
With all the environmental degradation that we have experienced in recent times, any effort that is made towards environmental conservation is welcome and making your publication available in a digital form could be your biggest contribution. With digital magazines, you do not need to cut trees to get paper. Moreover, the fuel that is used to distribute paper magazines is saved when you produce a digital publication.

Lower production costs
The printing costs associated with a paper publication can be prohibitive and these expenses are avoided when you provide your publication digitally. With a digital copy, you also do not need to pay newsstand expenses. Moreover, printed publications that never get sold represent an expense that is avoided when you avail your publication digitally.