Create Catchy ads with your Magazine advertising

You can use either the staff in your marketing department or seek the services of a pro ad agency to create the most creative and imaginative ads. The point to remember here is that the magazine reader will not be drawn to your ad unless it has something truly compelling. From the headlines you create to the text and graphics, you need to know the kind of ad that has the ability to hypnotize your target audience.

Decide on the size of your ad and where to place it
The back page of a magazine and the places next to the most read columns in a magazine are some of the most expensive places for ad placement but, for budgetary reasons, these places might be beyond your reach. Bigger ads also cost more.

If you can afford neither a big ad nor the big-reach sections of a magazine, you could still give your small ad plenty of mileage by placing it next to a big. Inevitably, the people reading the big ad will also read yours.

Magazines are a great advertising avenue and if you employed the right strategies you could use them to help build your brand.

Advantages of Magazine Advertising


The sub-prime crisis hit businesses globally and magazines were not spared. Pressed by the uncertainties of the global economy then, many companies undertook drastic cost-cutting measures and in most companies the marketing departments were the worst hit. Advertising expenses were greatly reduced and ad revenues for magazines plummeted.
With subsequent improvements in the global economic outlook, many companies have been slowly but surely going back to advertising in magazines in appreciation of the benefits that this ad channel offers.

Great at audience targeting
Magazines provide an ideal channel to target a specific audience. There are magazines that specifically address women issues and others that target people in a certain geographical location. Other magazines target people of certain age groups while others are industry-specific. In a nutshell, when you carry your ad in a magazine, you know the exact people it is going to reach. This is very much unlike a general readership newspaper whose consumers you can never be certain about.

Better quality and prestigious ads
The glossy ads carried in magazines are irresistible to readers. Unlike a newspaper ad, an ad in a magazine is usually sharper. Presented in full color, such an ad gives you prestige in the eyes of the reader and is a good way to help build your brand.

Longer shelf life
People hold on to magazines for longer periods than they do newspapers and publications. Since some magazines address gender or industry-specific issues, they have a timeless quality. The matters discussed in one issue might have far-reaching consequences and readers usually hold on to these publications for long periods. Some people could also keep important magazines as reference material. When you advertise in a magazine therefore, your ad will continue reaching potential customers long after the ad is published.

A loyal fan base
Considering the quality and printing costs associated with magazine ads, they tend to be rather pricey and this is one of the reasons that make some people shy away. However, it is important to remember that most magazines have loyal fans that would never miss an issue and you are therefore assured that your ad will reach the intended audience. Rather than miss out on the advantages of running magazine ads, some companies choose to take small-sized ads while others negotiate favorable terms with the publishers. Publishers could give you special discounts if you book your space in advance or when you run ads in several issues.

Wide Instant Reach with Magazine advertising

If time is money, you save a lot of it when you make your publication available in a digital format. It takes time to print and distribute a paper publication and this time is saved when you provide a digital publication as the distribution is done instantly over the internet. Digital publications also overcome the geographical barriers that paper publications have to contend with. At the touch of a button, you can make your publication available to subscribers all over the world.

Greater quality
With a print publication, you are limited to using only images and written content. A digital publication has both of these and, in addition, could incorporate videos and slides. The user experience is therefore enhanced when you provide a digital publication.

Good for advertisers
With a print publication, there is no precise way of telling who exactly it reaches. The person who runs an ad in such a publication cannot be sure that the ad reached the targeted audience. With a digital publication, the advertiser knows with exact precision the number of people that clicked on an ad.

With so much going for digital publications, there is no reason why your magazine should not be available in this format.

Why your magazine should go Ditital

Making magazines, newspapers, catalogs and other publications available in digital format has distinct advantages and there is a reason why even the oldest magazines have made the move to make their publications available in both paper and digital forms. When publications went digital initially, some people predicted that the paper versions were on their way out. While digital publications dealt a blow on the paper versions, it was not fatal and today it is safe to say that the two versions actually play a complementary role.
What are the advantages of making a publication available in digital form?

Good for the environment
With all the environmental degradation that we have experienced in recent times, any effort that is made towards environmental conservation is welcome and making your publication available in a digital form could be your biggest contribution. With digital magazines, you do not need to cut trees to get paper. Moreover, the fuel that is used to distribute paper magazines is saved when you produce a digital publication.

Lower production costs
The printing costs associated with a paper publication can be prohibitive and these expenses are avoided when you provide your publication digitally. With a digital copy, you also do not need to pay newsstand expenses. Moreover, printed publications that never get sold represent an expense that is avoided when you avail your publication digitally.