Advertising in Digital Magazines

Why You Should Advertise In Digital Magazines

For over a decade now, the number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet has been on a very steady rise and projections are that the numbers will keep increasing for the foreseeable future. For magazine publishers who initially thought that the arrival of online magazines was going to spell the death knoll for printed versions, the good and surprising news is that the two versions actually work in tandem. 

Even more heartening for magazine publishers is info that Americans still do enjoy reading magazines. While some millennials might read only an online version of a magazine, the older generations might peruse an online version but still go ahead to buy the printed version.

Some statistics about the behaviors of readers of online magazines should help advertisers realize how powerful online magazines are as an ad channel. 

First, nearly 20% of tablet owners read digital magazines about three times a month and close to 50% read such magazines at least once per month.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, 80% of digital magazine readers take some action after reading a magazine – they could visit a suggested website, share the link with friends or take some other action. When you consider the millions of people that are interacting daily on social media, you can imagine the kind of audience a message that is shared online could reach in an instant.

Digital ads help you know your audience

Today, the publishers of digital magazines have sophisticated software that enables them to track readers and to find out their preferences. This way they are able to create content that is geared towards specific audiences knowing that the readers will click on ads distributed with the content.

Analytics available to online magazine publishers let them know the exact number of people who clicked on ads. This is info that the publisher can share with an advertiser and it will act as guidance for future ad campaigns.

Where printed versions of magazines took days, weeks or even months to reach readers, online copies reach the targeted audience instantly. Moreover, with your ad in an online magazine you are reaching a global audience. Given the interactive nature of online publications, the people that read your message today could start responding the very same day. This makes it possible to take quick action and will ultimately save your advertising dollars.